What to Consider When Picking Bridesmaids Dresses

What to Consider When Picking Bridesmaids DressesYou’ve found your wedding dress, but now it’s time to find another: Your bridesmaids dress! The most important women in your life will be standing by your side as you say “I do” to your Mr. Right, and you want each friend to look beautiful. Gone are the days when bridesmaids dresses were notoriously an eyesore; today’s preferred look is a lovely, flattering style that complements your bridal gown. How do you pick one bridesmaid dress for all your friends to wear? (more…)

3 Unique Ideas for Your “Something Blue”

3 Unique Ideas for Your Something BlueEvery bride knows the classic rhyme: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” The traditional poem details what a bride should wear for good luck on her wedding day. While most Texas brides have done away with the sixpence, nearly every bride says “I do” with a special something blue. Whether you’re having a traditional wedding or a modern wedding, your something blue is a must. But what to pick for this sweet bridal tradition? Here are some unique ideas. (more…)

4 Ideas to Make Your Rehearsal Dinner Special

4 Ideas to Make Your Rehearsal Dinner SpecialThe rehearsal dinner is the opening act to your wedding. The event kicks off the best celebration of your life, and you’ll want to make it feel special for both you and your guests. The rehearsal dinner is the more intimate affair of your wedding celebrations, typically with just the wedding attendants, close family, and close friends in attendance the evening before your wedding day. This smaller environment allows you to focus on special moments that might get overlooked during your traditional wedding reception. Try these ideas to make the event special. (more…)

4 White-Hot Trends for Summer Weddings

Bride in Lime Green Heels Next to a Colorful Bouquet at her Summer WeddingJune is nearly here and so is the summer wedding season! While there is certainly no rule against a formal, traditional wedding, the relaxed atmosphere of the summer months really invites a more laidback style and attitude. If you’re planning a summer wedding – or any summertime special event – don’t forget to incorporate these white-hot trends.  (more…)

The Best Sunday Brunches in Texas Hill Country

Close Up Picture of a Delicious Sunday Brunch SpreadAhh . . . brunch. Once the domain of your great-aunt and her cheese blintz-loving lady friends, cutting edge restaurateurs have reinvented the classic Sunday brunch into an exciting taste adventure. Texas Hill Country is brunch central thanks to innovations that started in Austin and have moved outward. Use our helpful guide to plan your next Sunday morning outing for a meal that’s sure to satisfy and inspire. (more…)

Turn It Up: What to Consider When Booking a DJ for Your Wedding

Male Wedding DJ Mixing Playing Music for an Awesome WeddingIn yesterday’s post, we discussed a few important factors to think about if you’re considering hiring a live band to play your wedding. Today, we’re exploring the other side of that classic wedding music dichotomy: what are some of the key questions you need to ask if you’re seriously considering a DJ to provide music for your special day. (more…)

The Wedding Band: What to Consider Before Booking Live Music

Guitarist in a Wedding Band Plays a Sweet RiffIt might not get the same attention as the dress or the cake, but music plays a vital role in contemporary weddings. Music sets the mood, keeps people moving and having a good time, and cues us in to special moments during the ceremony and reception. You may have your heart set on booking your favorite local band rather than opting for a professional DJ. However, you should consider these factors before booking a live band – or any live entertainment – for your wedding. (more…)