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Unique Ideas for Your Romantic and Rustic Wedding

  Want to plan a wedding that is both classically beautiful and rustic-inspired? If so, forego traditional country décor, in favor of a more upscale and yet timeless style. To perfectly master the balance of rustic and romantic, classic and classy, mix and match upscale elements with more natural and earthy additions. That way the… Read more »

Smart Ways to Save Money on Wedding Catering

Food is an important part of any party, particularly a wedding day. After all, no couple wants guests that are too hangry to hit the dance floor, or to hear yawning and clinking of empty cups throughout the wedding toasts. Fortunately, it is possible to plan a wonderful wedding reception without breaking the bank. Here… Read more »

Enjoy Your Wedding Day More with These Four Tips: Part One

Now that you are engaged, you are likely excited planning your dream wedding, and perhaps even anxious to get to the altar, already. But before your wedding day arrives, it can be helpful to heed some sage advice, about how to save yourself undue stress so that you can actually enjoy your big day! From… Read more »

Wedding Details That Really Make a Difference

When they begin wedding planning, many brides-to-be start to wonder what really matters most, when it comes to their wedding guests. After all, it would be easy to pour gobs of money into beautiful, even lavish wedding details, but if it’s stuff many guests won’t pay much attention to is that really where you want… Read more »

Want to Get Your Fiance Excited About Wedding Planning? Part Two

We get it. Not every groom-to-be is going to be thrilled to start the wedding planning process. That could be because the term “wedding planning” brings to mind visions of Pinterest boards and discussions about beading versus embroidered details. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can get your fiancé involved in the planning process,… Read more »

Want to Get Your Fiance Excited About Wedding Planning? Part One

Does the idea of actually having fun planning your wedding with your fiance’s help sound too good to be true? For many brides-to-be, the tasks involved with wedding planning are a tough sell to their future grooms. After all, not every guy (okay, few guys!) would be stoked about helping pick bridesmaids’ dresses, or floral… Read more »

How Can You Save Money On Your Dream Dress? Part Two

Did you have a serious case of sticker shock the first time you saw your dream wedding dress? Well, luckily there are some nearly surefire ways you can help to save money on your bridal look, without having to sacrifice your great sense of style in the process. Here are a few more great tips… Read more »