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What’s the Right Wedding Venue for Your Big Day?

Are you just beginning the exciting process of planning your dream wedding? If so, first let us say congratulations! Getting engaged is an exciting time, and planning a wedding can be a lot of fun. Of course, one of the first big decisions you’ll likely want to make is where you plan to wed. After… Read more »

Honor Your Hobbies and Interests on Your Wedding Day

Did you fall for your fiancé after hearing him play the guitar for the first time? Is it a joint love of arcade games that keeps your romance fresh? Perhaps you are both bookworms, cycling enthusiasts, or avid fans of the home team? Personal touches can help to make your wedding meaningful and memorable. So… Read more »

How Do I Pick My Wedding Flowers?

When you flip through bridal magazines, or look on Pinterest, is it the flowers that you are most excited about? It’s rare that a girl gets to have her choice of flowers, much less so many of them. For some brides this can be absolutely exiting, but others may find the process a bit overwhelming…. Read more »

How Big Is Too Big for Your Bridal Party?

Do you have a ton of best friends, but worry that inviting them all to participate in the wedding could feel a bit overwhelming? Basically, are you wondering whether there is such a thing as a bridal party that is simply too big? Over the last few years, many brides have opted to live by… Read more »

Practical Tips for Managing Stress, for the DIY Bride: Part Two

Wondering how on earth you are going to achieve the DIY wedding of your dreams, without making it to the altar covered in spraypaint or simply stressed out? DIY projects are not for everyone, but for those with artistic ambitions, they can be a meaningful addition to a wedding. In order to pull off a… Read more »

Practical Tips for Managing Stress, for the DIY Bride: Part One

Are you a bride with a passion for DIY projects? If so, your mind – and Pinterest boards – may already be filled with loads of ideas for everything from hand addressed invitations to painted wooden signs to direct guests to your wedding reception. But, in the back of your mind are you also a… Read more »

How to Look Your Absolute Best On Your Wedding Day

Are you wondering what you can do to make sure you look your absolute best on your wedding day? Every bride wants to feel beautiful, but not all take the steps necessary to go into their wedding ceremony glowing, instead of stressed out or flustered. Fortunately, today we’re here to share a few of our… Read more »