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The Welcome Gifts Weddings Guests Really Want!

We are big proponents of choosing simple and affordable gifts for your wedding guests. After all, who wouldn’t love to pick from a selection of gourmet cookies or popcorn to take home from the reception? Plus, these kinds of gifts double as reception entertainment. That said, there is one place where more traditional gifts can… Read more »

Fun, Affordable Ways to Add Personality to Your Wedding Day!

As a bride, you probably want to create a memorable wedding day, and one that exudes personality. That said, who wants to spend a fortune on decorative details that might easily go unnoticed? There are several ways to design a dream wedding day without breaking your budget to do so. Here are some of our… Read more »

Is a Short Engagement Right for You?

Now that you are officially engaged, is the one question most pressing on your mind, “Do I really have to have a long engagement?” It’s not uncommon for modern couples to wait years before finally walking the aisle, after becoming engaged. This can add up to plenty of time to save for a wedding and… Read more »

Affordable Yet Elegant Touches for Your Ceremony Space

Most brides spend a lot of time thinking about and planning how they’ll decorate their wedding reception. After all, it’s where wedding guests will spend the majority of their time. That said, you can actually create a lot of interest at your wedding ceremony by choosing a few well-placed decorative elements. And since the ceremony space… Read more »

How Can You Get Your Fiance Involved in Wedding Planning?

We get it. Most guys don’t care a lot about what kind of tablecloths are at their wedding reception, or whether the bridesmaids wear peach or coral dresses. They may not even know that those are two different shades. But, that doesn’t mean that your fiancé doesn’t want to be involved in wedding planning. After… Read more »

Score Great Savings This Spring at Our Bridal Garage Sale!

It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the season’s finest flowers have just begun to bloom. These are all welcome signs that spring has arrived, but they also means that it is time for Texas Old Town’s next Bridal Garage Sale! This bi-annual sale will be held… Read more »

Enjoy Your Dream Wedding Day with These Stress-Reducing Tips

  Hey, we get it. Wedding planning can be fun. It can also be, well, stressful. While you might not have any doubts about saying “I do,” merging two families can be a bit more complicated. And planning a party for hundreds of your closest friends? Well, that can get kind of crazy. So much… Read more »