3 Tips for Awesome Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer Taking Picture of Bride and Groom Strolling OutsideThe gifts, the dresses, and the flowers all fade, but your wedding photographs are memories that follow you through life reminding you of your most special day. Ensuring that your wedding photos turn out great depends on knowing what to do and what to avoid both before the event and on the day of.

  1. Go with a Professional Photographer

If your budget will allow, you should definitely opt for a professional photographer to shoot your wedding photos (rather than a friend, relative, or acquaintance who happens to own a really camera). Professional wedding photographers understand the logistics of shooting before and during weddings, and their expertise will pay off.

  1. Keep It Natural

Overly posed, overly formal, overly done wedding pics are a thing of the past. Thinking natural when it comes to shooting your wedding, includes:

  • Natural settings. You can’t go wrong with outdoor shots, especially in beautiful surroundings like the local botanic gardens or an outdoor wedding venue like Texas Old Town, which boasts sweeping lawns, serene water features, and gorgeous oaks.
  • Natural poses. This isn’t senior prom, so your pictures shouldn’t look overly posed and formal. A good photographer will be able to capture natural moments between the bridal couple.
  • Skip the heavy photo manipulation. When you pick out a wedding photographer, you should always ask to see their portfolio. If you see lots of Photoshop effects and manipulation, you may want to steer clear and go with another photographer.
  1. Be Smart Phone Friendly

This is 2015 and everyone with a smart phone carries a halfway decent digital camera in their pocket. Your guests are going to want to take pictures with their phones and that’s a great way to capture unexpected, unscripted moments of the celebration that the bride and groom, who spend the Big Day in a rush, might not get to enjoy.

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