How to Pick the Best Venue for Your Quinceanera

15 Year Old Girl Admires Her Shoes in Dressing Room of Quinceanera VenueA quinceanera is a incredibly important celebration in the life of a young Latina, a rite of passage that signifies the entrance into a more mature period of life. La quinceanera (the 15-year-old girl herself) is the centerpiece of the party, but other factors like the dress, her court, and the dancing play a large role. Essential to the success of a great quinceanera is the event venue and today we’re discussing some questions you absolutely have to ask when deciding on a venue.

Flexibility is Important

The best things to look for when considering an event venue are flexibility, accommodations, and amenities.

What time can you get to the venue to decorate?

The shorter your access window to the facility prior to the event, the bigger the chance of something going wrong. You want to opt for a venue that gives you access to the facility at least the morning of the event, if not the day before.

How late can we stay?

Again, the amount of time you and your guests will be able to access your venue is an important factor to consider. Quinceaneras tend to run late into the evening, so a place that wants you out by 10pm might be too limiting.

Require an event planner or certain vendors?

Some venues require you to use an event planner, caterer, bartender, and even decorators and DJs that they contract with. While this could take some guess work out of throwing a quinceanera party, many people prefer being able to pick out their own vendors.

Are there cleaning fees or other hidden fees?

This seems like a given, but some venues actually tack on additional fees for things like clean-up services. These extra fees are an unwelcome surprise and can cause your event to go over budget. Before you sign a contract, be sure to discuss what (if any) additional fees that could come up.

Will parking be an issue?

Parking is probably the least glamorous part of any quinceanera, yet good parking makes a big difference to your guests. Some venues feature private parking for event guests, large group lots, or adjacent parking garages. When visiting with a venue representative, be sure to discuss parking.

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