The Wedding Band: What to Consider Before Booking Live Music

Guitarist in a Wedding Band Plays a Sweet RiffIt might not get the same attention as the dress or the cake, but music plays a vital role in contemporary weddings. Music sets the mood, keeps people moving and having a good time, and cues us in to special moments during the ceremony and reception. You may have your heart set on booking your favorite local band rather than opting for a professional DJ. However, you should consider these factors before booking a live band – or any live entertainment – for your wedding.

Should You Go with a Live Band in the First Place?

Having a band play your wedding has a number of pros:

  • Live bands create a lot of great energy
  • Guests who prefer not to dance will still have a good time watching the live musical performance
  • Specialty bands are great for themed weddings, like hiring a swing or ska band for your retro-themed wedding or a country band for your rustic chic wedding

However, there are a few drawbacks to hiring a live band, including:

  • Bands usually need much more space than a DJ, so your wedding reception venue will need to have enough room to accommodate the musicians
  • Most bands have a smaller repertoire of songs than a DJ
  • During a 3-4 hour set, the band will need to take a couple of break during which time you won’t have any music playing (unless you set up an iPod or something similar)

Is a Band in Your Budget?

Live bands are generally more expensive than a DJ and can set you back at least a couple grand (and they can easily go up from there). This could eat up a significant chunk of your overall wedding budget, whereas a professional DJ might be a more budget-friendly option.

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