Turn It Up: What to Consider When Booking a DJ for Your Wedding

Male Wedding DJ Mixing Playing Music for an Awesome WeddingIn yesterday’s post, we discussed a few important factors to think about if you’re considering hiring a live band to play your wedding. Today, we’re exploring the other side of that classic wedding music dichotomy: what are some of the key questions you need to ask if you’re seriously considering a DJ to provide music for your special day.

Advantages of a Professional DJ

DJs are a popular choice for providing wedding music for several reasons:

  • Like a good live band, a good DJ knows how to tap into the mood of your guests to keep the party going
  • You prefer songs sung by the original artists (as opposed to a live band covering your favorite songs or playing original music)
  • They usually have a much larger song catalog when compared to the average live band’s repetoire, providing more variety to your wedding
  • DJ setups don’t require as much space as a live band, so they are often a better fit for smaller wedding venues
  • Some DJs provide additional services, like lighting, microphones for making toasts or speeches, and even custom remixes
  • DJs are often (but not always) more affordable that live bands

Potential Drawbacks of a DJ

There are really only two potential drawbacks of hiring a DJ. First, wedding guests who don’t like to dance will not necessarily have much to do. With a live band, non-dancers can still enjoy the excitement of a live musical performance. Watching a guy spin records in a booth isn’t nearly as thrilling. Second, if you don’t thoroughly vet your DJ before the ceremony, you will not get the most out of your experience. He or she may play songs you don’t like or songs that are unbelievably cheesy (“Chicken Dance” anyone?). Be sure to meet with your DJ, discuss do-play and don’t-play lists, taking guest requests, and more with your DJ prior to booking.

Do Your Research Before Making a Decision

The worst thing you can do is start out the wedding planning process dead set against either a live band or a DJ. You might have the idea that DJs are cheesy but after meeting a few and seeing how cool, easy-going, and willing to work with you they are, you might change your mind. This is a huge part of your wedding so don’t make a huge decision without putting some research into it first.

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