4 Ideas to Make Your Rehearsal Dinner Special

4 Ideas to Make Your Rehearsal Dinner SpecialThe rehearsal dinner is the opening act to your wedding. The event kicks off the best celebration of your life, and you’ll want to make it feel special for both you and your guests. The rehearsal dinner is the more intimate affair of your wedding celebrations, typically with just the wedding attendants, close family, and close friends in attendance the evening before your wedding day. This smaller environment allows you to focus on special moments that might get overlooked during your traditional wedding reception. Try these ideas to make the event special.

Showcase your special moments

Though you’ll likely have many special touches at your wedding ceremony and reception, these events are typically on a larger scale with lots of activity and more intimate displays can get lost in the shuffle. With your closest loved ones at your rehearsal dinner, take a look back at your relationship: Make a slideshow with images from your time dating, set up a table display with all the memorabilia of your time together, or make a short film for everyone to watch.

Include your family history

Honor the strong marriages that inspired your love and commitment: Incorporate your families’ histories into the dinner with unique displays. You could have a table with the wedding portraits of both sets of grandparents and parents, create a visual art display with wedding artifacts from those special days, or showcase your grandmothers’ and mothers’ wedding gowns on dress forms.

Ask your friends to speak

At most Texas wedding rehearsals, the parents of the groom, the best man, and the groom may make toasts, and on the wedding day, toasts are often limited to the father of the bride, the maid of honor and the best man. But why not include more voices? Make your rehearsal dinner unique and invite your closest friends or family members, those who have witnessed your relationship blossom, speak or share funny stories.

Play games

Some couples think wedding reception games are gauche, but they can be fun and appropriate at a rehearsal dinner where the vibe is more relaxed and your surrounded by those closest to you. Everyone will laugh (and learn a little more about the bride and groom) with games like the “shoe game”: The bride and groom sit facing away from each other, each holding one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s, and each holds up the corresponding shoe to answer questions like, “Who is more romantic?” or “Who made the first move?” Involve guests in the fun by creating couple-themed mad-lib sheets or bingo cards.


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