Honor Mom & Dad with an Anniversary Party

Honor Mom & Dad with an Anniversary PartyHow to make your parents’ year? Honor Mom & Dad with an anniversary party celebrating true love. If your parents have a milestone anniversary on the horizon, or perhaps it’s just been far too long since they were toasted for their strong union, then there’s no better time to surprise them with a special celebration honoring their successful marriage. You may want to make their anniversary a surprise party or just serve as their party planner extraordinaire to bring their vision to life. Gather your family and friends to celebrate the power of lifelong love.

To Surprise or Not to Surprise

If you’re throwing your parents an anniversary party, you may want to surprise them. A surprise engagement party is fun and exciting. If you want to surprise your mother and father with a special party, yet you want to make sure the event is perfectly tailored to their tastes and includes all their best friends, make sure to start planning early. Start gathering information well in advance so your questions never attract suspicion. A surprise may be fun for guests, but keep in mind whether or not the surprise is what your parents want. Not everyone likes surprises!

Perfect the Guest List

Do you want to host a large affair that rivals their wedding guest list or an intimate family dinner with lots of quality time? Determine what your parents would enjoy most, and borrow their address book to start planning the guest list. Make sure to include all close family members.

Take a Look Back

Pay tribute to your parents’ beautiful marriage by taking a look back on the milestones of their relationship. Show off old pictures, home videos, and mementos from their wedding to make the anniversary party special.


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