How to Get Your Groom More Involved in Wedding Planning

How to Get Your Groom More Involved in Wedding PlanningThough all eyes will be on the bride, don’t let your groom take a supporting role at the celebration that is meant to be all about your relationship and love as a couple. It’s important to involve your groom in the big day decisions, not only because the ceremony and reception should be a reflection of both your personalities but also to relieve stress for the bride. So, how to get your groom more involved in wedding planning? Include him through every stage of planning, highlight his favorites and delegate tasks.

Focus on his favorite things

If he doesn’t care about all the little details of planning, just narrow in on the things that matter most to him and make sure he’s directly involved with those aspects. Is he really into music? Ask him to narrow down wedding bands or DJs.

Tour venues and attend appointments together

Make sure you both attend appointments for the big-ticket stuff that shape your wedding reception, like the venue and food. Attend venue tours and tastings together.

Share your planning documents

Whether you make a binder with all your planning papers or keep records electronically, make sure your fiancé is directly involved in keeping track of all the details and budget. Keep your records in Google docs and share them or assemble a folder together.

Delegate the honeymoon planning

You have enough on your plate planning your Texas wedding — why not hand off the honeymoon planning? This puts your future-husband in the driver’s seat for an important portion of the newlywed experience, so he feels involved and in control. It’s also a relief for a stressed bride and makes the honeymoon even more fun and surprising.


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