What to Consider When Picking Bridesmaids Dresses

What to Consider When Picking Bridesmaids DressesYou’ve found your wedding dress, but now it’s time to find another: Your bridesmaids dress! The most important women in your life will be standing by your side as you say “I do” to your Mr. Right, and you want each friend to look beautiful. Gone are the days when bridesmaids dresses were notoriously an eyesore; today’s preferred look is a lovely, flattering style that complements your bridal gown. How do you pick one bridesmaid dress for all your friends to wear?

Consider the weather

Keep the season in mind when selecting your bridesmaids’ looks. Hosting a summer wedding in the Texas heat? Your girls may melt in long sleeves or high necklines. On the other hand, chilly breezes during fall or winter months may result in goosebumps for bridesmaids in strapless gowns. The time of year also plays into your color selection: Black is chic but can feel stuffy in the summer, and bright sunny yellow may look out of place at a winter wedding.

Comfort is key

Everyone knows it’s the bride’s day and guided by your Texas wedding vision — but for the sake of everyone’s happiness, you should put your bridesmaids’ comfort above your own desires for a particular look. Pick silhouettes that flatter all your bridesmaids’ figures. Don’t select anything too binding or cumbersome. You can always add accessories like wraps or shawls to make your friends more comfortable, especially in chilly weather.

Weigh the costs

Being a bridesmaid can be expensive, and you don’t want to pressure your friends to buy a pricey dress, shoes or accessories they can’t afford. If you really must have a particular bridesmaids dress that’s rather expensive, consider helping your bridesmaids pay for them.

Mix it up

Though most traditional weddings feature the bridesmaids in identical dresses, today’s trend is to mix it up: Wear different styles all in the same color, wear different shades of the same color, or wear uniquely individual dresses. If you’re having a hard time selecting one dress to flatter everyone, consider mixing up the silhouettes, colors or styles for an on-trend DIY wedding look.


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