Do You Need a Wedding Day Timeline?

Wedding Planning TimelineIn all the chaos of planning a wedding, it can be tempting to backburner anything that seems like a formality. A wedding timeline might make this list, but it’s far more important than you many brides realize. Not only can a timeline help the people you hire live up to your expectations, it can also help your family and bridal party know when and where they should be. Having a timeline on paper – and everyone’s smart phones – can save you a great deal of stress on your wedding day. So don’t delay, or overlook, this very important to-do.

What To Include

Your wedding timeline should, in a nutshell, cover who needs to be where, and when. From the time you start getting ready to your official departure as husband and wife, you should map out what your wedding day should look like, but preferably with enough wiggle room in the scheduling to cover any emergency last-minute changes.

If your friends and family will be helping with set up or clean up at your wedding venue, these should also be noted on the timeline. You might also find it helpful to note when your various wedding professionals should be “off the clock.” For instance, if the caterers will be serving dinner strictly between 7 and 10 p.m., you need to make it clear pictures cannot cut into the dining time.

Who Should Have It

  • Few people will need or appreciate your wedding timeline more than your wedding planner and your photographer. These are the most likely candidates for “running the show” on the day of your wedding. They can also be great assets in keeping things on track, if you have an agreed upon timeline well in advance. Be sure to consult both of them before finalizing your timeline, as they can provide tips, from how to maximize use of pretty lighting, to how long it should really take your bridesmaids to finish getting ready.
  • Everyone in your bridal party, any professionals you’ve hired, and important family members should all have access to your wedding timeline. You can hand out hard copies at your rehearsal dinner, and/or email or text them to anyone that is tech-savvy. Just make sure you have the officiant/DJ remind everyone to turn phones off prior to your ceremony. Nothing ruins a romantic moment like your cousin’s annoyingly loud rap ringtone.


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