Have a Happy, Safe Fourth of July!

Have a Happy, Safe Fourth of July!It’s almost the most American holiday of the year: Independence Day! It’s time to celebrate the U.S.A. Summer finally feels in full-swing once July 4 rolls around. Don your best red, white and blue (stars and stripes motif is a plus!) and get ready for fireworks, a barbequed feast, and fun times with friends and family. Of course, don’t have too much fun; you don’t want your holiday fun derailed by a sparkler mishap or accident. Consider these safety tips to have a happy, safe Fourth of July!

Know Your Local Firework Laws

Before you try to buy or use fireworks to celebrate, make sure you know your local state or city laws. In many states, there are restrictions on the type of fireworks you are allowed to purchase. For example, in Texas, you are not allowed to purchase bottle rockets. In some states, there are also restrictions on when you can buy fireworks. In Texas, you can buy your Fourth fireworks between June 24 and midnight July 4. Some cities and neighborhoods have restrictions about where, when or if you can set off fireworks. Make sure you know your area’s regulations and laws.

Practice Safety & Caution with Fireworks

If you are allowed to use fireworks, do so with extreme care and caution. Children should not be allowed near fireworks. If you plan to use sparklers with children, make sure the children are old enough to maturely handle the sparkler and supervise them carefully. Don’t set off fireworks in a dry area or close to trees or buildings.

Plan Ahead if You Plan to Drink

Many adults drink on the Fourth of July, and if you plan to partake in drinking alcohol make sure you plan ahead to have a safe ride home or stay overnight at your family’s or friend’s home. Don’t endanger your life or the lives of others by drinking and driving.


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