Keeping Guests Cool at Your Summer Wedding

Keep Cool Summer WeddingDo you have your heart set on a late summer wedding? Are you dreaming of a reception spent dancing under the stars? There are a number of ways you can help make guests comfortable at your summer soiree, and air conditioning is only one of them. Keeping the heat in mind, while planning, can help ensure your guests enjoy the day, without breaking a sweat. Summer is a lovely time to get married, after all, so long as you prepare for the impending heat!

Keep Things Cool

  • Take the heat into consideration when choosing your ceremony time. Few people are going to be excited about a noonday ceremony, outdoors, in August. You don’t have to opt for a late evening wedding. Just try to avoid peak sun hours at midday.
  • If your wedding venue offers multiple locations, consider one with air conditioning, or at least ample shade. Keeping guests out of direct sunlight can greatly improve their comfort during an outdoor wedding. A large, open tent can also help. Ask about large fans too!
  • Handheld fans are a chance to marry decoration and function at your outdoor ceremony. There are a number of styles that can be ordered online, from printed programs that double as fans, to fancy lace numbers reminiscent of the olden days.
  • Even if you don’t plan to open the buffet until after you say I do, having water and other refreshing beverages accessible throughout the day can be a huge help to your guests. Keeping bottled waters in ice chests is a convenient approach, especially if your friends and family will be helping you setup. But you could also consider infusing water with fruits or cucumbers for an extra refreshing treat for waiting guests!
  • If you will be mixing indoor and outdoor seating at your reception, give special consideration to your oldest and youngest guests. Young children, especially babies, and senior adults should all be seated indoors if at all possible.


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