Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ QuestionsA wedding reception wouldn’t be the same without some great tunes. How else can you compel people onto the dance floor? Hiring a DJ that will be a great fit for your event can seem like a daunting task, though. How do you find one compatible with your musical tastes, the patience to put up with requests from your crazy uncles, and one that won’t show up to your black tie reception wearing a backwards ball cap and track pants? Knowing the right questions to ask can help make sure you find the DJ that is just right for your wedding!

Is He or She the One?

After asking the obvious questions, such as if the DJ is available on your wedding date and what his or her pricing entails, you can ask more specific questions to find out if you and the DJ’s personalities are compatible. Musical chemistry is crucial, after all, to enjoying the wedding reception of your dreams. Whether that is mostly classic rock, or country hits, make sure you find a DJ up for the task at hand.

Helpful Questions for Finding the DJ Right for You

  • How many events have you done?
  • What sets you apart as a wedding DJ?
  • Is your musical catalogue available online?
  • Can I contact you for recommendations for our first dance song, etc.?
  • Is your price all-inclusive, or is travel a separate fee?
  • What will you wear?
  • Can we meet before the wedding day?
  • What about personal requests? Do you accept those, and if so are they an additional fee?
  • Are there any extras, like a photobooth or lighting included?
  • Have you performed at my wedding venue before?
  • Are there any references I can contact?
  • If you take any breaks, what happens during that time?
  • Will you make all of our announcements for us?
  • Do you have any videos of your performances I can view?
  • Will you encourage people to dance? If so, how?
  • If the ceremony and reception are at separate locations, will you charge extra for break down and set up?
  • What are your payment requirements, meaning the deposit fee, cancellation policies, etc.?
  • What equipment will you bring, such as wireless microphones, a stage, etc. …?


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