Trending Now: DIY Decorations

DIY Wedding DecorWhether you got sucked into the overwhelming world of Pinterest, are trying to save money, or just want to personalize your big day, DIY decorations may be on your mind. There are a number of crafty projects you can tackle to help make your wedding unique, and one that truly reflects you and your groom’s personalities. Best of all, you don’t have to be a young Martha Stewart to create your own wedding décor. You just need a little time, and a lot of help.

Ideas First, Recruitment Second

As mentioned, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration when it comes to wedding planning. But it can be overwhelming if you start without a vision in mind. There are a few quick, simple steps you can take to make sure you have direction behind your DIY projects, and to help keep you on track completing them.

  • Speak with your fiancé about what he wants the wedding to look like. This may be a day you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl, but he should still get a say. If it’s hard to pry opinions out of him, try asking what words come to mind when he thinks about the wedding. If he says “exciting” or “fun,” these can be big clues as to what’s most important to him, and it’s probably not decor-related. If he says “rustic” or “modern,” though, he may have stronger opinions about the décor than you even realized, and you should keep these in mind when planning your DIY projects.
  • Secondly, it is important to take into consideration how much time and craft experience you actually have. Now is not the time to shoot for the DIY stars, especially if you have a short engagement. Be realistic when setting goals, and make sure they’re reflective of how much committed help you have. Grandma could be a great seamstress, but if she lives eight states away and is battling arthritis, you might not want to sign her up for all of your bridesmaids’ alterations, or personalized table runners.
  • Start early, as early as possible. When it comes to DIY projects, most have a pesky tendency of taking far longer than anticipated (or advertised). So give yourself more time than you think you need to complete each project. Having a few designated craft days with your girlfriends is a great way to make sure the projects get knocked out, plus it’s great bonding time for you and your creative friends.
  • If you have never wielded a glue gun, but really love the look of DIY wedding décor, nothing says you actually have to do it all yourself. Consider ordering some of your more complicated “DIY” items through sites like Etsy, which specializes in handmade gifts and décor. You could also check your local antique shops, as many sell handmade or upcycled items in addition to furnishings. If you find beautifully painted holiday signs, ask if the local artist takes customizations. This is a great way to add DIY-inspired décor, without diving too far out of your comfort zone.


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