Who Hosts the Rehearsal Dinner?

Who Hosts the Rehearsal DinnerThere are no rules in today’s age of wedding planning. In generations past, the guidelines were more rigid about who pays for what aspects of the wedding celebrations and who is responsible for planning your wedding festivities. But as modern couples steer away from traditional rules, the boundaries of planning become more blurred. Who pays for the wedding? Who hosts the rehearsal dinner? The best plan is to discuss the wedding openly and honestly with your families to determine what is the best fit for everyone involved.

Who Hosts the Rehearsal Dinner?

Traditionally, the groom’s family hosts the rehearsal dinner event. If you follow tradition, the bride’s family is responsible for the wedding day celebration and the lead-up event is turned over to the groom’s side. In today’s world, anything goes. Maybe your groom’s family is not involved with his life or they don’t have the financial standing to host the dinner. It’s perfectly acceptable for the engaged couple to host their own rehearsal dinner or for the bride’s family to step in if the groom’s is unable. Most modern couples plan and pay for all wedding celebrations as a combination of contribution from both sides of the family.

Tips for Planning a Rehearsal Dinner with Your In-Laws

1. Offer your help: Helping your in-laws plan the dinner is a great way to bond before you’re officially family!

2. Help out-of-towners: If you’re having an out of town wedding away from where your groom’s family lives, they will need guidance. Help them navigate party planning in an unfamiliar region. Either offer to plan the dinner for them or send them lots of suggestions, including venue options, to help make the process easier.

3. Provide all the information they need: Send your in-laws the information they need early, so they can plan without any delay. Make sure they have all the guest names and addresses they need for invitations, and keep them informed about the rehearsal plans at your ceremony site or church.


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