Considerations for Small Wedding Venues

Considerations for a Small Wedding VenueIn your quest to find the perfect wedding venue, have you fallen in love with a beautiful but small wedding site? If so, you may have to get a bit creative to make it work, but that doesn’t mean you have to make any major sacrifices to make your dream wedding a reality, even in a small space. A few smart decisions early on can make all the difference, when trying to plan a wonderful wedding in a tight spot.

Making a List and Checking It Twice

Obviously you may have to limit your guest list, somewhat, depending on just how small the venue is and if there are regulations about how many people can attend. But this doesn’t have to be a painful part of planning. Just start with your MIPs, your most important people. This means immediate family members and any other relatives you’re close to, as well as good friends.

  • If your current colleagues or old high school pals don’t make the cut, just let them know about your incredibly small venue. Most people will understand.
  • You could also consider hosting a party to celebrate with them after your wedding.
  • Eliminating “Plus ones” is another simple and painless way to keep your guest list in proportion with your venue.

Use Limited Space Wisely

It may not be ideal, but you can reuse the same space for the ceremony and reception if necessary. Just make sure you have ample help arranged to convert the space quickly, as well as suitable entertainment to keep the guests happy while seats are being moved and tables are being set.

Keeping decorations to a minimum not only makes the change over quicker, it also puts the focus on the beautiful location you’ve selected.

Choose What Matters Most

If you and your fiancé are major foodies, let that guide your wedding planning. It’s probably more important that your guests have plenty of room to enjoy your gourmet buffet, than a spacious dance floor to boogie the night away. If you met in high school band, and have always dreamed of a reception filled with live music, ample stage space may be more important than formal tablescapes. Let your passions influence everything about your use of the space you do have.