Decorating Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate Event Party SpreadHave you been delegated your company’s official party planner? If so, are you enjoying the task? Corporate parties can be a lot of work to arrange, but they can also be a lot of fun for your fellow employees and yourself, too, if you don’t let the logistics weigh you down. Once you’ve selected your corporate event venue, it’s time to start choosing décor. Luckily you don’t need to reinvent the wheel – or recreate the Eiffel Tower, for instance – in order to have a good time. Keep it classy and simple, and the party will sure to be a hit!

Don’t Waste Money on One-Time Use Items

It’s good business practice to spend your money on simple decorations that can be used time and time again, like clear glass vases or silver and gold plate chargers. Items that will work for a number of occasions will make subsequent parties much easier to throw together, even on short notice, and will make much better investments in the long run than single-use, less customizable items (like those paper Tiki torches). Plus, they can save you from wasting storage space.

Take your company’s focus into consideration when determining what neutrals mean to you. If you’re a high-end realty company, you’ll want much fancier base pieces than if you own an automotive parts store, probably.

For holiday parties, shop for décor items after season (time permitting) to maximize savings. So buy next year’s Christmas party décor in January or February, when products are being clearanced out. Again, if you stick with neutral base items, like green or white trees, you can easily change out details year-to-year to create new takes on the decorating scheme, without having to invest in lots of new basics. (Swap out the ornaments each year, for instance, and save the trees. Literally.)

Limit the Decorations and Focus on What Really Matters: The Food!

If you really want to wow guests without spending a fortune on decorations, let the food take center stage! Employees will never be disappointed in party money that’s invested in great food, or beverages. If you pick pretty foods, or just classic party fare artfully arranged, the buffet table can make a great focal point!

Have the caterer show examples of his or her work arranged at a party, and make requests accordingly.

Also, if you’ve chosen a beautiful location venue, show it off. Open the windows and let the scenery be a part of your décor, as well as a cue for your color scheme and theme choices.