How to Create a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency KitEvery bride hopes for the best when it comes to her wedding day. She wants to believe the stars will align, or the sunshine will come out, and that the day will go perfectly, from start to finish, like all the fairytales from her dreams. But, most brides also realize that something is bound to go wrong on such a big day. What’s more tragic than a little rain, or other unforeseen emergency, though, is failing to plan for them. Thankfully, seasoned wedding experts have offered a great deal of advice when it comes to planning for a number of minor emergencies. Their tips can help you show up knowing you’re ready for anything, so you can focus your energy on what matters most: marrying the man of your dreams, rain or shine!

Preparing for Last-Minute Emergencies

Dress emergencies are high on the list of fears for many brides. To prepare for a minor snafu (or a snag), make sure to bring along a safety pin or two, a small sewing kit, fabric tape, a laundry pen (the kind that can remove spot stains), a lint roller, and chalk and baby powder (which can be used to hide a stain in a pinch). A lighter can also be used to stop fraying edges on ribbons or some dresses.
You should also bring some beauty basics for touchups, or should your makeup artist or hair stylist forget something. Bobby pins and hairspray are musts. Towelettes can help remove stray makeup and help the bridal party freshen up, but oil blotting sheets are also good to have on hand, especially for outdoor weddings. Eyedrops, tissues, tweezers, q-tips and cotton balls, along with makeup remover should also be included. Don’t forget deodorant either, as well as sunscreen. A travel-sized lotion can soothe dry skin as well as smooth frizzy hair. One clear nail polish and the color the bride’s wearing, a nail file and polish remover should also be included in case touchups are needed.

A granola bar or similar snack can be just as essential as anything else on the day of the wedding. Making sure you have something in your stomach can help keep you from fainting during the I Do’s. You should also have breath mints and toothpicks, as well as plenty of water throughout the day.

A mini first aid kit is also helpful. Be sure to include bandages, pain relievers, antacids and an allergy medicine, just in case.

And if all else fails, super glue and duct tape can do wonders. Consider bringing both black and white duct tape, a his and hers basically. Also, umbrellas should be in the car, just in case.

Be Ready, Not Overwhelmed

A comprehensive emergency kit may seem like a lot of stuff to haul around, but the good news is that it’s your day; you get to delegate. If you have a wedding planner he or she should be responsible for the emergency kit. Otherwise, consider putting your maid-of-honor or a close relative in charge of the kit. Most of it should fit in a shoebox, or a medium-sized purse. For convenience sake, you could even leave it in your car, as long you have a “runner” willing to grab it should an emergency arise.