Local Flavors on Your Wedding Menu

Local Wedding FoodIf you really want to wow your wedding guests make sure you put some thought into your menu. Most guests won’t remember details of your dress (though they’ll remember you looked beautiful) or how amazingly your flowers were arranged. What they will remember, though, is if they had fun at your reception, and if an amazing meal was a part of that. To dazzle your diners, consider making local cuisine a part of the banquet. Whether that’s a general specialty, like Southern BBQ for a Texas wedding, or something more specific, like amazing homemade pies from your local bakery, incorporating local food is not only great for the environment; it’s a great way to make your wedding memorable and delicious, as well.

Go Local, and More Local!

When it comes time to pick a caterer, start with your favorite eatery. Assuming you’re getting married in your hometown, or your current place of residence, seeing if your favorite restaurant caters is a great way to make your wedding special for you and your fiancé, and enjoyable for everyone else, since you know the food will be on point.

If you’re getting married some place you haven’t lived, then talk to your venue about recommended local options. Destination weddings are a great time to highlight food that’s local to the area. This can start with basics, like the main course (think fresh seafood for a beachside wedding), and branch out from there.

If your town is known for a particular food or recipe, consider incorporating it into multiple elements. For example, Georgia residents may want to make peaches part of the meal, dessert and cocktails. Sometimes more is more! Asking the caterer about creative ways to incorporate what is grown locally and seasonally can be a great way to keep costs reasonable (less shipping fees) and also special.

Dinner, Dessert and Beyond

You could also purchase local honey, cookies from your favorite bakery, or locally roasted coffee beans to incorporate the flavor of your favorite town into your festivities. Local foods and treats make especially great guest favors, as it’s something they’ll both enjoy and use (eat)!