Picking the Theme for Your Next Birthday Bash

Adult Birthday Party ThemesAre you about to celebrate a big birthday? Perhaps you’ve even waited a few years to throw yourself a blowout party. If so, your mind may be reeling with possibilities, or you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the choices? Location, guest list, menu… there are a lot of decisions to be made. But a great birthday party should start with a great theme. And even if you feel you’re too old for napkins printed with cartoon characters, there are a lot of fun and age-appropriate ways to celebrate turning one year older.

What’s In a Number?

Though some adults may shy away from revealing their true age, why not be someone that embraces it, instead? 21 or 60, numbers mean something. And while they don’t dictate how old you feel, why not make them central to the party, whether in the form of candles or printed balloons?

You don’t have to choose a number based on how old you’re turning, though. Let a favorite decade or your birth year play a role, with the location, decor, costumes and music, too.

Other Ideas for Party Planning

You may have outgrown your love for Saturday morning cartoons (or maybe not), but just because you’re in the double digits of birthday celebrations, it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace your inner child (or inner nerd).

Have a super hero themed party, if you want. From the cake to the games you play, it’s easy to incorporate a favorite character from a book, TV show or movie. You could even do a private screening of your favorite film as part of the celebration. Hobbies and other passions also lend themselves to wonderful party themes, from the invites to the party favors. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine, after all, it is your big day!