Trending Now: Floral Design and Details

Button Brooch Bouquet Floral TrendFor years, many weddings seemed to look the same. Red or pink roses were widely popular, and no bride would have considered having a centerpiece without a flower. The gerbera daisy also had a good run, as the leading trend in wedding florals, but modern brides are all about shirking tradition in favor of more personalized elements that suit their own unique tastes. That means you should absolutely feel free to think outside the box – or simple glass vase – when it comes to your wedding flowers!

Follow Your Favorites

Many brides start the floral design process with their favorite flower in mind. If you don’t have a favorite flower off the top of your head, borrow inspiration from some of your favorite people. Perhaps your soon-to-be-husband gave you yellow daisies on your first date, or your grandmother’s garden was filled with hydrangeas. Does your home state have a flower you adore? Let this flower be your starting point, and have a florist build from there.

Take Nature’s Lead

You could also start by thinking about the season of your wedding, and let nature cue your in on colors and flowers that work well together. You may not want your bridesmaids wearing orange, but it makes a beautiful color for a fall bouquet. Your florist – and your budget – will also appreciate you taking into consideration what’s actually in season during the time of your wedding. Buying off-season flowers can drastically increase your budget.

Skip The Stems

Finally, nothing says you have to rely on flowers to fill your centerpieces, or your bouquets. While natural elements are excellent choices, nature is hardly limited to traditional flowers. Succulents, potted plants, and even fruit can all be great flower fill-ins, depending on your wedding theme. You could also consider glittered branches, feathers or sea glass for centerpieces. As for bouquets, many eco-conscious brides are getting creative when it comes to those as well. Button bouquets, vintage brooches, or even recycled paper flowers are all great alternatives to traditional florals, especially if they reflect a hobby or passion of yours. Basically, the sky is the limit when it comes to imaginative tablescapes and bouquets! Don’t worry about trends as much as your own personal taste, and you’re sure to come up with flowers that will be meaningful and beautiful.