Trending Now: Wedding Cakes and Cocktails

WEdding CAke TrendsMost every bride dreams of a beautiful wedding cake, as a centerpiece for her reception. But nothing says that beautiful focal cake needs to be three tiers, or white! As with most modern wedding trends, brides are now taking a more personal approach when it comes to planning their dessert tables, and their cocktails, too. Just remember, it’s far more important that you and your groom be well-represented in your wedding choices, than that you live by any one tradition.

Outside the Box Choices for Cake

When it comes to cakes, the first step is to think outside the bakery box. Creative cakes are no longer just for the grooms’ table. Brides can and should choose their favorite flavors when it comes to cake, and have them decorated to fit their tastes or the theme of the wedding.

Even if you want a fairly traditional cake, consider upping the decorative ante by having your florist reserve flowers to flourish it with. This can help keep your cake in theme, and creates a classic – timeless – look.

Cupcakes remain a popular alternative to traditional cakes, but cake pops can work too. They’re both easier to eat, and can often be a lot lighter on the budget as well. Just make sure you have enough for all your guests to have at least one, and make sure to reserve some for you and the groom before the hustle of the wedding day begins.

No One Says You Have to Eat Cake, Either

If you and your groom aren’t big cake fans at all, consider even more creative options, like cookies, an ice cream sundae bar, brownies, pies, or a combination of all your favorite desserts. You could enlist family members’ help baking up the treats the week of the wedding, or ask your caterer about incorporating additional dessert options if you plan to skip out on cake.

Just keep in mind that you will likely want something to share, and toast, during the reception. So get cute bowls for your banana pudding, if that’s your dessert of choice, and ask someone responsible to guard them while you dance!

Think Creative Cocktails, Too

When it comes to planning wedding cocktails, many modern brides are coming up with signature drinks, often even a his and hers version. Let your tastes be your guide, and work with your bartender or caterer well in advance of the wedding to make sure you land on something you really love.

Your guests will appreciate the creativity, especially if you come up with cute names for your unique beverage blends. But you might need an extra bartender on hand, if your signature drink ends up being a pretty complex cocktail. Keep this in mind while planning, so you don’t end up with a longer line for drinks than for conga-ing.

Local vineyards and craft breweries might also be able to provide something special for the two of you, if you make your request early enough for them to prepare.