When to Save, When to Splurge: Part One

Spending and Splurging Wedding DressesIf you’ve recently sat down to develop your wedding budget and have started to book essentials like a venue and a photographer, you may be surprised how quickly that figure seems to be shrinking. You may even be fearful about how far your funds can stretch, considering how much more you have to do and plan. Thankfully, the experts can help you learn what deserves a splurge and where you can save, and that information can singlehandedly make you and your budget friends again.

Paper Goods and Party Foods

Save on paper goods, from the invitations to the wedding programs. While you may keep a few for your scrapbook, most of them will end up in the trash 24 hours after the event. This may seem heartbreaking now, but let it be a way to free up some space in the budget.

Splurge on food and alcohol. Though technically these will vanish too, few elements of a wedding leave a longer-lasting impression on guests than whether or not the food was good and the alcohol was flowing. If you want a dry wedding, that’s perfectly acceptable, (and it may actually be necessary depending on the venue you’ve chosen). But avoiding a cash bar and making sure you have plenty of good food, can do wonders for your guests’ morale, especially if you plan to dance the night away.

As an added note, your wedding cake and/or desserts are a great place to save, as well. Yes, you could spend hundreds on a beautiful, customized wedding cake (and if you have the funds, by all means, enjoy). But, the taste or look of the cake won’t matter nearly as much to your guests as the fact that they’re not having to put that sugar-coma onto an otherwise empty stomach.