When to Save, When to Splurge: Part Two

Spend or Save AttireYes, you could let your dwindling wedding budget freak you out. But the alternative is much more fun. By making a few strategic swaps of higher end items for less expensive ones, you can help get your budget back on track without feeling the pinch. In fact, you might even get a rush realizing that it’s possible for you to feel like a million bucks on your wedding day without spending anywhere near that much. By simply knowing when it’s worth making a splurge, and how easy it is to save a few (or a lot) of your hard-earned dollars, you can plan a dream wedding that won’t require a move to the poor house after the “I Do’s!”

Splurge on Your Dress, Not the Accessories

Unless you happen to luck out and find your wedding gown on a deep discount, this should not be an item to save on. True, you’ll likely only wear it once, and it may spend the rest of your life hanging up in a closet. But you want to feel your absolute best on your wedding day, and you should! It will be difficult to do that if you put to much pressure on yourself to skimp on your dress.

It is possible you could find an amazing gown you love during one of the retailers’ huge bridal sales. If so, count your blessings, but you shouldn’t be banking on this. Instead, budget a realistic amount of money to buy yourself the dress of your dreams, keeping in mind that you should limit your shopping to stores that cater to your wedding budget. This can help keep you from falling in love with a gown thousands of dollars out of your price range.

Your accessories, however, shouldn’t cost a fortune. In fact, many of them could even be free. Consider making your jewelry the “borrowed” item you need, anyways. The same goes for your veil, especially if you only plan to wear it as you walk down the aisle. (Ask a friend or cousin who has recently gotten married. Chances are she saved hers in large part because of the sticker shock involved in the purchase, and would love to give it new life by lending it to you.)

Save On His Suit

Where you can save, easily, is on the groom’s attire, not because he’s less important, but simply because it’s possible. Most grooms are a lot easier to please where wedding attire is concerned. Take advantage, and purchase or rent something he likes but that won’t break the bank.

In fact, many suit rental companies offer a free tuxedo rental if all their groomsmen go through the same store. If he’s feeling guilty about riding their coattails, so to speak, consider putting a little of the money saved on his suit into great grooms’ gifts, like custom Converse or monogrammed flasks.

If the free rental isn’t an option, or if a tux just isn’t your guy’s style, consider purchasing separates instead. A pair of nice dress pants, a dress shirt and a vest or bowtie can make your man feel extra dapper, while giving him a chance to show off his great personality. This option might cost a bit more initially, but he’ll likely get more life out of these items than if he were to rent or purchase an overly stuffy suit.