Add a Touch of Your Childhood to Your Ceremony or Reception

Cotton Candy WeddingWhile wedding trends come and go, some things are timeless. And one of the most time-tested and important of wedding traditions is simply to make the ceremony and reception meaningful to you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Incorporating childhood memories, relics and traditions can be meaningful ways to bring personality and life to your special day. Plus, who doesn’t love the joy that comes from feeling like a kid again? If you want to bring childlike wonder to your wedding day, start with significant items and memories from your own childhood.

Ways to Incorporate Meaningful Memories

Do you have a favorite band, game or even dessert that always sends you back to your childhood? If so, it should be easy to incorporate those elements into your wedding day. Your friends will love the throwback memories when they’re dancing to 90’s pop music during the reception, or enjoying your grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies and milk afterwards. Of course, photo displays, videos or slideshows are other ways to incorporate memories.

If you and your fiancé shared a common interest as children, even if you didn’t know each other then, that could be a fun element to bring into the wedding, as well. You could name the tables after your favorite basketball teams, or have a cotton candy machine at the reception in honor of your frequent fair visits. If the two of you both loved playing with Legos, consider block-shaped candies as fun, unique cupcake toppers. Get creative, and have fun!

Finally, consider adding quirky elements, even if only you and your fiancé know about them. This can be a special way to commemorate your love for one another, both past and present. If your groom’s favorite superhero, growing up, was Superman, give him Superman socks as a wedding gift, so he won’t get cold feet. If you loved wearing candy necklaces as a little girl, considering giving them to your bridesmaids.