Game and Activity Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate Party GamesIt’s not too soon to start planning your annual company Christmas party. In fact, the busy holiday season will be here before you know it. Now is a great time to get a jumpstart on planning your corporate event, from the food and drinks, to the games. Not all party games are created equal, particularly when it comes to corporate events. If you don’t want your employees wishing they were back at the office, choose fun and engaging games that are sure to make your party a hit!

Think Inside and Outside of the Boxed Games

What Is, Trivia? – Most people enjoy a good round of trivia. Choose themes based on your company’s specialty, popular culture, history, or combine several topics to give everyone a fair shot at victory. Divide employees into groups, then hand out buzzers or simply ask people to raise their hands when they have the correct answer.

You’re Never Too Old for Musical Chairs – While it can get a bit violent, musical chairs is a great way to get people up and moving. It also instantly lightens the mood, making your guests feel like kids again. (Choose a responsible surface for this one, meaning not slick concrete. And you may want to let employees opt out of this one if they’re worried about getting hurt!)

Karaoke can also be fun and surprisingly simple to set up. Just make sure you have a wide variety of music, available, to ensure there’s something for everyone to sing.

Two Truths, One Lie – If you want your employees to really get to know one another, it’s hard to top this simple game. Pair people up, or put them in small groups, and have each person share two truths and one lie. The other people in each group then have to guess which is the lie. It can be pretty funny, and very telling, as well! (Who knew accountant Bob was a champion figure skater in fifth grade, for instance?)

Celebrity – This game is as simple as it gets. Still, it provides a lot of fun. You’ll definitely learn which employees are quickest on their metaphorical feet. Divide into teams, and have all employees write down celebrity’s names or historical figures. Put the folded slips of paper into a bowl or jar; then have each team member take a turn drawing names and using clues to get their teammates to guess the names. Whichever team is able to correctly guess more of the celebrities, in the allotted time frame, wins!

Non-boring Board Games– Any board or card game can be fun, particularly if you make it competitive. Consider a tournament if you have a lot of employees. Hello high stakes Go Fish!

A tournament can also help people get to know one another by creating changing small groups throughout the night. Popular choices are word games like Scrabble or Bananagrams, and creative games like Apples-to-Apples. With a minor investment in the games, you can create a fun evening for all your guests.

If your party venue has ping pong tables or billiards, these also make great tournament sports. Bingo or poker could be fun, too, though they may require a bit more planning/equipment!

Up the Ante

One of the ways to make any game a bit more thrilling is to up the ante. Consider offering prizes like gift cards, food items, electronics or even an extra day off. If you plan to host several games, you could even offer tickets or poker chips instead, and let employees cash them in at the end of the evening.

While they might prefer cash, if you can afford it, even arcade-like prizes can be a fun, unexpected treat!