How To Avoid Being a Bridezilla: Part One

Avoid Being Bridezilla Part TwoWhile most every woman dreams of being a bride some day, few want to take a turn as a Bridezilla. After all, who wants to spend her wedding week yelling at her closest friends, or ordering her parents around as if they were maidservants? If you’re worried about stress getting the best of you on your big day, there is hope. Some simple strategies during wedding planning can help you keep your calm on your wedding day. That way you can avoid transforming into someone scary, and so your amazingly supportive friends and family can enjoy your special day alongside you.

Details Matter; Take Care of Them In Advance

First, it is very important to lock down all the details of the wedding day far in advance. Last minute decisions are total stress inducers; the best way to avoid them is by adequate planning. A wedding planner can definitely help, but even downloading a planning timeline can help keep you on track and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important.

Along with this, it’s important to get verbal agreements put in writing. Even if your florist is your second cousin or your childhood best friend is baking your cake, it’s still best for you and them to have all the wedding details outlined on paper, or some form of written electronic communication. This makes sure you and your vendors know exactly what is expected of each other. And reviewing your contract could just save you a meltdown, and a friendship, if anything goes against the plan, especially if it turns out you forgot something.

Delegate As Much As Possible, Especially on Your Wedding Day

Even if you are a calm and rational person, by nature, getting calls from guests about directions or dress codes minutes before the ceremony is enough to make any bride antsy/angry.

Save the hassle and potential frustration by handing your phone off when you arrive at your ceremony site. Let your wedding planner, or someone outside your bridal party field last-minute calls, so you can stick to more important things, like enjoying yourself.