How to Honor Missing Loved Ones

Grandparents Wedding PictureAre you having a hard time picturing your wedding day knowing a very special guest won’t be present? Whether it’s someone who has passed away, or a loved one that cannot attend due to illness or other circumstances, there are many ways to honor guests that can’t be with you physically. This can help you keep them close at heart, and make sure they are honored on such a special day.

Display Their Photos

Many brides choose to display family photos, for instance pictures of their parents and/or grandparents on their wedding days. This is also a beautiful way to pay homage to people who can’t be there.

Choose a variety of frames in a single finish or color to make a neat display that draws people to the photos, themselves. Or think outside the frame, altogether, and display pictures clipped to a wire or hung from a tree.

You could also include a photo and/or a note in the program, use photos with those loved ones as part of a reception slideshow, or put a framed photo in a seat at the ceremony site.

Say a Few Words

While you don’t want to bring everyone down by talking too much about people who have passed away, it is appropriate to have your pastor or officiant mention them, briefly, during the ceremony. (Make sure to mention this to him or her well in advance.) Alternatively, you could have one of your guests speak about these loved ones during the toast portion of the reception, or even dance to their favorite song.

Something Borrowed

Other ways to honor people who cannot attend are through displaying or wearing items that belonged to them, such as carrying an embroidered handkerchief that belonged to your grandfather, or wearing your great aunt’s favorite pearls.

Using borrowed items in the table décor is another way to honor special people, especially if you include a small note about the significance of the items.