Pre-Wedding Jitters: Causes and Solutions for a Happier Couple

Couple Wedding Planning JittersFew seasons of life will be more exciting or more stressful than planning your wedding. While the wedding day itself should feel like a dream, trying to coordinate with hundreds of your closest friends and relatives while making what seems like a million tough decisions, all while figuring out how to merge two separate lives, can be difficult to endure, much less enjoy. If you’re worried about the toll planning is taking on you and your fiancé, it’s time to find ways to help improve your bond, even while in the sometimes hectic process of planning for your big day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Whether your officiant requires pre-marital counseling or not, most couples find they can benefit from time spent with an expert, whether that is a professional counselor or a spiritual advisor. Even couples that are nervous or reluctant to enter into counseling, often find it beneficial.

You might be surprised just how beneficial even a few casual counseling sessions can be. It is a great opportunity to discuss important topics like family history, financial goals, children, distribution of chores and other crucial subjects that are sometimes difficult to navigate.

Having an advisor help you discuss those topics can make sure both you and your fiancé feel heard and understood, and can help make sure the time is productive rather than argumentative. This can, in turn, help set you up for a lifetime of great communication, by providing you with valuable tools for coping with stress and disagreements.

Delegate Any Tasks You Can

While some tasks of wedding planning must be performed by you and your fiancé (you can’t outsource your engagement pictures, for instance) it’s okay, even helpful, to delegate what you can. A wedding planner can help take a great deal of pressure and stress off you, so you can focus on building your relationship. The same is true of help from friends and family with handling little details.

By assigning tasks to others, you can help free up a little more time for you and your fiancé to spend together, which brings us to the final point.

Don’t Neglect Date Night

Especially as your wedding day approaches, it’s all-too-easy to get caught up in planning and neglect time spent together doing anything else. But don’t let regular date nights get put on the backburner, or skipped over.

Even if money is tight, make time for simple but meaningful moments together, whether that’s a walk in the park with your pups or a coffee run on a busy Saturday morning.

Making quality time together a priority, can help keep you feeling close and united, and reduce your nerves leading up to the wedding. It’s also a good habit to get into early on, that lets your significant other know how important he or she really is to you.