Should You Hire a Wedding Planner? Part Two

Wedding Planner Part TwoWedding planners can help reduce your stress as you plan for the biggest day of your life. They can also help make sure the day itself goes off without a hitch, except of course the kind you want. But if you cannot afford to hire a wedding planner, or just don’t feel it is necessary for you, it is still advisable to consider some alternatives. After all, every bride will need some help along the way, both with planning leading up to, and then on her wedding day.

Know Where to Find Help

Online wedding boards can be great sources of inspiration and advice, regarding planning. But asking your venue’s coordinator, or your other wedding vendors for tips is also wise, especially since many will have connections with other local vendors, from caterers to DJ’s and more. If you’re having a church ceremony, they may have a staff member of volunteer willing to help with the logistics there, such as coordinating the rehearsal.

While your family and friends make great assets for pre-planning, you should consider someone else to be your right-hand help on your wedding day. That’s because your mother, sisters, and best friends will all be busy serving as your emotional support, and getting ready themselves. You need someone else to make sure the tables are decorated according to your plans, and to field calls from any guests who might get lost on the way to your countryside nuptials.

Some vendors, like florists, may be willing and able to do additional wedding day work, like arranging your reception décor, for an additional cost. Just make sure to ask during a consultation, and don’t expect anyone to do something out of the scope outlined in their contract.

Designate a Wedding Day Delegate

As for a more personal helper, the best way to ensure you have someone up for the task is to choose a coworker, distant relative, or family friend that either has experience with wedding coordinating or at least excellent task management. Make sure the designated day-of coordinator is comfortable giving his or her phone number out, as needed. Then inform your wedding party and vendors of your selection and provide vital contact information. This way, people know whom to call, and you don’t have to worry about your phone blowing up moments before you head down the aisle.