Special Dances: Creating Lasting Memories

Father Daughter DanceYou don’t have to be Dancing with the Stars alumni or have years of Julliard training under your belt in order to dazzle on the dance floor during your wedding day. Including traditional dances, even if you don’t plan on hosting a huge dance party, can be a wonderful opportunity to create lifelong memories with the people you love most. And while some brides and grooms spring for dance lessons prior to the big day, they are not necessary in order to have some fun – and great photo opportunities – while cutting a rug. Even a simple two-step or slow dance can be a powerful and wonderful way to honor the people who have shaped your life.

All You Need Is Love, and Good Music

Dancing really comes down to two things, a willingness to potentially embarrass yourself and some great and inspiring music! Whether your reception will be set to a playlist gracing your iPod or the carefully selected tunes of a DJ, when it comes to your special dances you’ll want to put some thought into the tunes you’ll boogie down to.

For Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dances

  • Choose a song that is special to the two of you, perhaps from your favorite musical or one your parent sang to you as a child.
  • You could also choose a song by your shared favorite band.
  • If you’re hiring a DJ, make sure you send your song choices over early, so he or she can be prepared. If you’re hiring a live band it’s even more important to clear your song selections with them. If a certain song is out of their wheelhouse, they may be able to do a variation of it (Who wouldn’t love a string quartet cover of your favorite The Eagles classic?). If not, they may be able to offer a good alternative that will still be special to you, but which they will be able to perform well (also important).

Your First Dance as a Couple

Again, song selections should be both personal and appropriate. Anything goes so long as it fits those essential criteria. The song that played at dinner on your first date, or a song from the first concert you ever attended together… even your school’s fight song can work. Just avoid any overtly sensuous tunes that are sure to make your relatives cringe, or blush. This goes for your dance moves, too. Keep it simple, especially if you’re not skilled dancers, and keep it classy.