Tips for Planning the Perfect Holiday Party

Holiday Party at Texas Old TownIt’s hard to believe it’s beginning to look a little like Christmas, already, but the holidays will be here before you know it. If you’d like this year’s party to be one for the history books, it’s time to get to planning. A great party, whether it’s for your extended family or your work family, begins with a great location and a well-crafted guest list. Choosing some place scenic can help create a beautiful backdrop for all the lovely memories you’ll make, together, but it also takes the pressure off choosing who has to play host. And obviously any party will only be as good as the company you invite, so get to perfecting that list now, long before Santa enters the picture.

Look at That Guest List, and Check It Twice

After you’ve selected a beautiful venue, it’s time to set your guest list. If you want your employees to enjoy the party, be sure to extend an offer for them to invite significant others. Be generous when creating your guest list, too. Don’t leave anyone off, from distant relatives to contract workers, keep a “the more the merrier” concept in mind when it comes to holiday party planning.

If you want an adults only party, though, that is okay. Many parents would enjoy a night out, as a couple, especially during the busy holiday season. Just consider hiring a babysitter or several that can watch the kids on the premises or elsewhere, as needed. This can make it much simpler for your relatives or employees to RSVP, knowing childcare has already been taken care of.

Let’s Talk Food

Aside from locale and the invitees, nothing makes a party like a great spread. Don’t overlook catering when budgeting for a party. If you know a great chef, it’s fine to enlist his or help, but just because your grandma is a great cook doesn’t mean she’ll enjoy making dinner for 100 people.

Hire someone who can do the job and do it well. And keep in mind party food doesn’t have to be extravagant or fancy. Just make sure there is plenty of it, so no one goes home hungry. That’s a sure way to damper an otherwise great evening.