Trending Now: Rustic Weddings

Trendy Rustic Wedding DecorAccording to top wedding trends researchers, the days of simple, understated décor versus Gatsby-esque glamour seem to be winding down. Though you could never go wrong with a beautiful glass vase, here, and a little glitz there, 2015 has become a year for embracing décor with lots of rustic touches. That could be because most brides currently planning their weddings seem to have at least one thing in common, decoratively speaking, and that’s a deep desire to make nature a prominent part of their events.

Start with Breathtaking Scenery

More brides than ever are choosing to have their weddings outside, particularly at venues that offer weather-proofed reception areas, which show off naturally stunning views. And while these venues already offer a lot of rustic charm as a starting point, current brides are still choosing to endow their wedding with lots of special details that can add even more personality to their events.

Then Incorporate Rustic Decor

Though there are a lot of ways to celebrate the great outdoors on your big day, some of the most popular are to include lots of natural, rustic elements in your décor.

  • Wood slices can serve as coasters or even cake stands, and fresh trees, plants or succulents are great green options for table décor, based on your wedding theme and whearabouts. Plus if you choose something like pine or jasmine, they’ll give off lovely scents as well.
  • Sourcing locally as much as possible can help you keep within your budget, and is better for the environment. Plus, you’ll receive lots of bonus points, eco-wise, if you gift the greenery or flowers as favors to your guests, afterwards, or donate them to local nursing homes or hospitals.
  • Simple twigs are even becoming stunning statement pieces, as custom-crafted monograms for reserved seating, or bases for the groomsmen’s boutonnieres.
  • Consider using camping (or glamping!) gear or picnic fare strategically, too, such as plaid thermoses to serve cocoa late in the night, or woolen picnic blankets as tablecloths. DIY, gourmet s’mores are always a hit at dessert bars, or as favors. And many cities now have vendors with restored campers that can be rented as photobooths, which add to the rustic, woodsy theme.
  • Combining simple DIY projects and custom crafted splurges, through sites like Etsy, can help you stretch your budget a bit more.
  • And remember, if you want a look that is both timeless and trendy, rustic is the way to go.