Wacky Worldwide Wedding Traditions

Wacky Wedding TraditionsIf the idea of carrying something borrowed and blue seems strange to you, you might be surprised just how wild some wedding traditions can be. Across the globe many cultures are still using time-honored traditions to make weddings meaningful and memorable, but some of them make even the most scandalous garter removal you’ve seen seem mild in comparison. In fact, the next time wedding planning has you stressing, just be glad your culture doesn’t require a month of sobbing before you say your “I do’s.” Because apparently, that is a thing!

What The Tidong Don’t Do for Love

In Northern Borneo, the tribes of Tidong require newlyweds to confine themselves to their home without using the restroom for three days and nights. Talk about an awkward and interesting honeymoon!

Manglik Marriages Are Sometimes Bananas

For men or women born in India under the Manglik astrology, their first marriage is required to be, not to a person, but a tree. That’s because these people are considered cursed. In order to spare their spouses from likely early death, they must first marry, and then murder a tree (usually a banana tree), helping to remove the curse before they wed their real loves. (In some cases an earthen pot or clay idol can also serve as the doomed first wife or husband.)

Weeks of Weeping for Tujia Women

The Tujia tribe of China requires weeks of weeping before a wedding can take place. Brides spend one whole month crying for an hour each and every day. Ten days after that sob party begins, the bride’s mom joins the “fun,” and then ten days after that grandma gets in on the crying action. Fellow female relatives join them leading up to the ceremony. The tradition is meant as a symbol of joy, almost like a song, though that’s hardly what neighbors would guess if this were an American tradition.

French Tradition Calls for Toilet “Wine” Toasts

Perhaps one of the strangest of the worldwide wedding traditions takes place in France, where friends of the happy newlywed couple clean up after the event by throwing bits of trash and food scraps into a toilet bowl. That “punch” of sorts, is then served up to the bride and groom. Many modern couples have opted to let chocolate and champagne stand in for the trash, but they continue to drink the concoction straight out of the toilet. (Sure makes eating a slice of frozen cake on your first anniversary seem a lot sweeter, right?)