What’s the Best Day for a Wedding?

Wedding Calendar Choosing a DateTraditionally, Saturday has long been considered the ideal – even the only – day for a wedding. But modern brides know that tradition isn’t as important as making wedding plans that work for them. If you are wondering when the best time to wed is, the great news is that it’s whenever feels best to you, and that can open up a world of possibilities. If your dream venue is booked on your first choice date, or you know your amazing engagement photographer is booked every Saturday for two years, why not shift the day to a Friday or even a Sunday? After all, no one says your dream wedding has to take place on a Saturday!

Choosing a Date Versus Choosing a Day

  • The anniversary of your first date, or the first time you said “I love you,” or any another significant date to you or your families is a great starting point, when it comes to choosing when to wed, particularly if it falls within your favorite season of the year, regardless of the week day.
  • But, if you don’t already have your heart set on a certain date, then there are endless possibilities, or more precisely, 365.
  • Friday evening and Sunday afternoon weddings are becoming more and more popular with modern brides, as they still fall within the weekend (making them easy for most guests to attend), but they are still often easier to book vendors for, as Saturdays remain the most popular choice for wedding days.
  • Though midweek weddings are still less common, they can work, especially if you’re planning a simple, late afternoon or evening event in your home city. (Who wouldn’t love a great excuse to cut out of work a little early and head for cocktail hour?)
  • With any wedding date, but especially those during a traditional work week, just make sure you send out your save-the-dates with plenty of time for people to put in for time off. This way all your important guests will be there, and as an added bonus, maybe you’ll have an easy out from inviting all those coworkers you’re not that close with.

A General Note of Advice

When choosing a wedding date, a location or any other important details, remember that the people that love you will make every effort to attend your wedding, regardless of what day you choose or where it is, so pick the one that feels best to you (even if it’s not the most convenient or traditional).

Plus, you can’t please everyone all the time, so focus on planning a wedding that will please you and your fiancé above all else. That’s what really matters!