A Quick Guide to Planning Retirement Parties

Retirement Party at Corporate Event VenueHave you recently learned that one of your bosses will soon be retiring, and that you have been given the honor/challenge of planning the perfect party? While it can be overwhelming trying to plan a party for someone you work with, there’s no reason to stress about it. Instead simply take a little advice from the experts to get the party planning started, and to set the groundwork for a great party the whole company can enjoy, especially the man or woman of the hour.

How to Get Started Party Planning

  • Even if the rest of the party is a surprise, make sure to get the guest list directly from the woman or man of honor. Or, if you’re determined to make the entire party a surprise, consult with the retiree’s significant other to make sure all their most important friends and loved ones are invited.
  • Try to choose a date that works for the majority of the invitees, even if it’s not incredibly close to the date of the planned retirement. It’s more important that the retiree be surrounded by support than that the party fall on the same week as his or her final day of work.
  • Choose a corporate event venue that fits with the size of the guest list and also the retiree’s personality. While the office might work, the party will instantly feel more special if you choose a venue with great scenery or a décor that fits with the theme.
  • Whether you hire a caterer, a food truck, or simply supply hors d’oeuvres, make sure to have plenty of savory food on hand, especially if alcohol will be served. Everyone enjoys cake, but don’t make it the main course or you’re likely to end up with a lot of lightheaded guests, or you may have people slip out in order to grab some grub.