Fun and Wonderful Alternatives to Wedding Registries

Wedding Registry AlternativesSure, it can be fun scanning in a number of pretty dishes and kitchen gadgets, while building a wedding registry. But many modern brides and grooms are searching for alternatives to traditional gift registries. There’s actually never been a better or easier time to give your guests the opportunity to do more than stock your kitchen with housewares. If you’d like to think outside the department store-wrapped box, when it comes to wedding presents, here are some great alternatives!

What Other Options Are There?

You don’t have to register for gifts at all, and many couples choose not to, especially if planning a destination wedding. But, if you would like to give eager guests some direction, when it comes to gifts, there are some fun alternatives to the traditional department store registry.

  • Invite guests to share in your honeymoon adventure by sponsoring special events, such as scuba diving or parasailing. Special wedding websites make it possible to register for added activities and even dining opportunities at your resort or general honeymoon destination. This is a great way to make guests feel included, and know that their money is being spent on something you’ll truly treasure – priceless memories as a newly married couple!
  • If you and your groom have been together a while or are merging families and households, you may find you already have all the housewares you need. If so you could encourage guests to forego gifts, altogether. Or, especially if you know your guests are excited to shop for you, consider asking guests to bring gifts that can be donated to families in need. This is a great way to let people share in your excitement as you start your new life together, while also supporting a great cause. Look to partner with a local charity that helps families get their own fresh start after natural disaster or loss.