How To Avoid Being a Bridezilla: Part Two

Avoid Being BridezillaStress is generally the underlying cause of angsty or flat-out angry brides. Therefore, limiting stress is your best defense against morphing into a bridezilla on your big day. Of course, even excellent planning ahead of time cannot prevent all stress. That’s where learning how to cope with it in a healthy way can help keep you from turning red, or scaring your guests off with your rage. When an inevitable problem does arise, here are a few ways to make sure you take it in stride, so you can spend your day smiling, instead of blowing steam.

Take a Deep Breath!

Yes, missing boutonnieres or smooshed buttercream may seem like a big deal, now. It may feel like a huge catastrophe in fact. But if you take a deep breath, you’re likely to realize just how small one minor setback is, in the grand scheme of things. Remember, you’re there to spend the day committing your life to your soul mate. Finding each other was the truly hard part, and that should make dealing with the snafu here or squished wedding cake there, seem like, well, a piece of cake.

Talk to Someone Who Can Talk Some Sense

If you’re the kind of bride that sometimes just needs to vent, have someone nearby who can let you release steam without scaring them. This could be your mom, your best friend, or your wedding planner. Just make sure it’s someone you know well enough to trust they won’t deem you crazy if you need to have a mini meltdown if your hairdresser is running 10 minutes late. You also want to pick someone who won’t take on your stress and make it his or her own. If this confidante can also serve as a voice of reason, to help you combat that awful stress monster, that is all the better.

And keep in mind, even though wedding tradition suggests the bride and groom stay away from each other until the ceremony begins, if you’re facing a meltdown it’s better to see – or at least speak with – your groom, than to have a full-blown freak out. A hug and reassuring word from your soon-to-be-husband might be enough to help calm your nerves. So who cares about breaking tradition, if it keeps you from shifting into full-blown bridezilla mode?

If All Else Fails, Eat Something

Actually, this should probably be your first move in the fight against freaking out. Trying to do a million things on an empty stomach would be enough to make any man or woman hangry. Have a light breakfast or snack, even if you’re not hungry, to help keep your stomach settled throughout the marathon day. This is especially important if you plan on caffeinating, as too much coffee or soda on an empty stomach can really leave you feeling upset, in more ways than one.