How to Fill The Dance Floor at Your Wedding: Part Two

Wedding Dance Party BubblesYesterday, we talked about how to get a dance party started at your wedding reception. But how you keep that party going well into the night is a combination of great taste and great timing. If you’ve hired a DJ, take advantage of his or her expertise. A DJ is like a designated party starter! While most couples do provide a list of preferred songs, you should trust your DJ to throw in some surprises, as well as to plan the order of those dance hits. Otherwise, you may be catering to only a small portion of your guests’ tastes and inadvertently clear the dance floor as a result.

Other Ways to Keep Your Guests Shaking Their Tail Feathers

  • Mix slow, romantic classics with bonafide dance tracks. Ones with instructions, like the “Electric Slide,” make dancing even more likely to happen for guests of all ages. Who doesn’t love a good line dance, after all?
  • Plus, mixing slow and fast songs throughout the evening gives everyone equal opportunities to share special, romantic dances with their significant others, while still carving out time to make lasting memories boogying down with all the cousins and grandparents, etc.
  • Another great way to increase crowd participation is to cater to varied musical tastes. If you have guests there who were born in a variety of decades, try to mix songs from each. You can also include a combination of country, hip hop, and rock. That way everyone has a moment of nostalgia, and inspiration to hit the dance floor.
  • Finally, there are a few other tricks to getting guests excited about hitting the dance floor. Consider providing glow bracelets and necklaces, funny sunglasses and even a bubble machine, as incentives to dance the night away.