How to Fill The Dance Floor at Your Wedding: Party One

Dance Party Wedding Planning TipsAre you determined to do more than chicken dance at your wedding, but are concerned only a handful of guests will actually hit the dance floor voluntarily? Lots of brides and grooms want to dance the night away with guests. Yet nearly everyone has attended more than a handful of weddings where only a lone child was cutting a rug. The great news for those that want to keep wedding guests boogying the night away, is that it is possible to host a bona fide dance party. Here are some tips to taking your reception from junior high dance to hopping club in no time!

Get the Party Started, Right!

Almost all couples choose to begin the dancing portion of the evening with traditional dances, such as their first dance as husband and wife, followed by father-daughter and mother-son dances. But from there, it’s time to open the dance floor, and there’s no better way to do so than with your favorite dance hit. Whether you go with something pretty modern, like Pharell’s “Happy,” or kick it old school, with “Shout,” try to choose a song most of your guests will know. This will increase the odds of getting them onto the dance floor.

Equally important is that you and your groom stay on the dance floor until your guests have joined you. Yes, you’ll likely need to sneak away and greet all your guests, but waiting until after the party has started, by dancing the first few fast songs with your guests, can greatly increase the odds that the dancing will continue well into the reception even after you take a break!