How To Have Happy Wedding Guests: Part Two

Happy Guests and BrideWe’ve firmly established that your wedding day should be the celebration of your fiancé and your dreams, first and foremost. That said, if you still want to have happy guests you’ll need to take their feelings, budgets and opinions into consideration. It doesn’t mean you should cater to 200 of your closest friends’ desires, but a little thoughtfulness can go a long way in ensuring your entire wedding is a success. After all, angsty bridesmaids or uncomfortable groomsmen will only zap the energy out of what should be a very joyous occasion. Here are a few more ways to keep the bridal party and all your loved ones happy leading up to your wedding day!

When It Comes to Clothes, Air on the Side of Comfort

While you do get to dictate what the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even flower girl and ring bearer will wear to the wedding, you don’t want to let your own tastes outweigh their comfort. You don’t need to pick everyone else’s favorite colors or necklines, but you should try not to put anyone in gowns or tuxes so tight they won’t be able to enjoy the dance fest that will be your reception, much less breathe.

Modern bridesmaids dresses are far more stylish and suitable for a wide range of body shapes, than their previous counterparts. Consider letting each girl choose a style that is flattering and comfortable for her shape, and you’ll have beautiful and also content bridesmaids by your side come wedding day.

You should also choose a dress code for the entire wedding that fits with the time and wedding venue you’ve selected. For instance, if you’ll be hosting an outdoor ceremony after weeks of rain, make it clear you don’t expect your guests to show up into stilletos that will only sink into the mud.

Where Travel Is Concerned, Be Extra Considerate

If you’re planning a destination wedding, or even one far from many loved ones, make it clear to them that you would welcome their presence but that there will no hard feelings if they cannot attend. Not everyone can afford the cost of international travel, and some potential guests may not be in good enough health to be able to travel anywhere by plane.

If you know several loved ones won’t be able to attend your beach-side nuptials, it doesn’t mean you need to cancel your dream ceremony. Instead, consider hosting a larger reception for guests that couldn’t make it, so they still feel included in your celebration, but without any pressure or guilt to go somewhere to which they cannot comfortably or affordably travel.