How To Help Your Photographer Capture Great Memories: Part One

Wedding photographer tipsAfter choosing a venue, and sometimes before, most couples make the big decision of who they want to invite alongside them on one of the biggest days of their lives, in other words, they hire a wedding photographer. But once they’ve done so, they probably assume the “wedding pictures box” can be checked off their to-do list, and they can move on with the rest of wedding planning. Even after you’ve found the perfect photographer, though, there are still some things to discuss and plan in order to help him or her capture all those priceless memories on your big day. Here are our best tips for working with your photographer to make sure such an important job can be completed to the very best of his or her ability, unhindered by drunken guests or insanely late ceremony times.

Think Ahead and Share Your Thoughts

Most photographers will specifically request a special shot list from you months before your wedding day. But if they don’t, you should definitely email a detailed list any “must have shots” you expect taken as you say, “I do.”

This could include silly poses you’d like to attempt with your bridesmaids, or formal portraits you’d like to take with any special guests that will be in attendance. Be specific and clear, and provide the list in writing, so your photographer has something to follow when the wedding day gets chaotic.

Ask for Advice

While you’re sharing what you’d like, though, you should also be willing to accept tips and advice from your photographer. After all, he or she has probably attended dozens (if not hundreds) more weddings than you, and knows a thing or to about how to plan one that runs smoothly. While your wedding planner should be your go-to person to keep things on schedule on your wedding day, a photographer can help you set a schedule that will truly work for everyone involved.

Asking for his or her advice while you’re still in the planning phase can do wonders for you. For instance, the photographer might talk you into a romantic first look before your ceremony if you’re having a late evening ceremony when the light won’t be nearly as dynamic or workable. He or she might also suggest an order of events to be announced by the DJ, to help ensure your first dance and cake cutting are captured in all their glory.