Let Them Eat Stylish Cake: Wedding Cake Trends for 2016

chalkboard effect wedding cake trendsIt may be hard for some brides to believe there are actually trends in wedding cake designs, but like all things, the cake world is shaken up every few years by something new and exciting. Of course, there is usually a blast from the past, when it comes to buttercream just like bridal couture. Everything old is new again, right? Whether you’re interested in keeping up with the current cake trends, or just curious what that even really means, here is what experts are predicting 2016 will look like, in cake form.

All That Glitters

Metallic elements (think edible glitter or gold painted fondant) are predicted to be hot again in 2016. Vivid colors, especially jewel tones or watercolor-esque elements, are also prominent. Chalkboard effects are one of the newest cake trends, and they can be a fun way to incorporate your favorite song lyrics or your names into the cake, whether it’s used on the whole cake or a single tier.

Basically, anything with lots of personality is trending for 2016 and cookie cutter, simple white cakes are out. Of course, that doesn’t mean your cake has to be over-the-top. So-called “naked” cakes are still popular, especially for rustic weddings. Just make sure they’re dressed up with beautiful fresh florals, so the design looks intentional, not accidental.

  • Follow your wedding theme, when it comes to designing the cake, and don’t be afraid to let your cake be a standout.
  • If you are going to spend a considerable bit of time and money on your cake, make sure to show it off. Ask your reception venue to play up its importance with lights aimed over the table (as long as they’re not so hot they’ll melt the icing).
  • Brides are also opting for personalized details to go along with the cake, like engraved cake cutters or forks, and designer champagne glasses.

Old Is New Again

Vintage-styled cakes are making a comeback as well. If you’re incorporating any vintage elements into your big day, consider taking a cue from the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s when it comes to your cake. The 50’s, for instance, saw a lot of clean, architectural looking cakes with simple real flower embellishments, like a few white or red roses.

  • You could also go with a simple cake, topped with a vintage topper. Perhaps one borrowed from your parents or another relative. Consider borrowing their cake cutters as well, to bring another personal element into the reception.
  • Modeling your cake after your grandparents’ would also be a beautiful and meaningful way to incorporate some vintage flair to your cake. You could even display a photo of the two of them beside your concoction.
  • Complete the cake table with period-specific plates, for an added decorative flair.

Your “Wedding Cake” Doesn’t Actually Have to Be Cake

Some people don’t love cake, or are put off by the cumbersome nature of cutting into three massive tiers. Dessert tables are a fun alternative, one that continues to be a popular choice amongst modern brides. While mini cupcakes are still popular, and mini pies have their place too, 2016 is slated to be another great year for macaroons, those delicate and beautiful little cookies that are both delicious and dainty.

  • Whether you’re opting to have several varieties of candy, cobblers, cookies or something else, just make sure the sweet treats are expertly displayed. And if you plan to have a “cutting the cake” photo at the reception, plan ahead. (This could mean reserving the prettiest macaroons for yourselves and placing them on a beautiful plate, or cutting into a warm apple pie together.)

Choose something you and your fiancé love, and your guests are sure to love it too.