Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding: Part One

Destination Wedding Part OneYears ago it might have sounded absurd to ask 100 of your closest friends to trek across the country to share in your wedding day. But many modern brides and grooms are choosing to forego a formal ceremony in their hometown, in favor of a destination wedding, instead. Inviting your friends and family to join you for the trip of a lifetime can be a great way to commemorate such a special occasion. Plus, you’re sure to make priceless memories seeing the world with your favorite people. If your heart is set on a destination wedding, here are some tips for how to pull it off without going into a panic trying to help guests navigate their way across the country, or globe!

Location, Location, Location

You’ll want to choose a location that makes sense to the two of you, first and foremost. Whether it’s your favorite vacation spot, the first place you visited as a couple, or a town rich with family history, choose a destination that is personally significant. This will make it easier to explain and defend your decision, should any family members try to give you grief about choosing such a far away location.

Know that some people may not be able to attend, and be willing to accept this as the price you may pay to have your dream destination wedding, a price many couples feel is well worth it.

Book Earlier Than Seems Necessary

Secondly, book your wedding venue and accommodations as soon as possible. This is especially important if you have a large invite list, or if you’re planning your destination wedding during a peak tourist season. If you’re traveling around a holiday, or visiting a city known for hosting a festival, for instance, you’ll need to plan even earlier than you otherwise would. Book more rooms than you think you’ll need, to be on the safe side, particularly if the area you’re visiting has limited hotel options or you know there will be a conference crowd vying for the same rooms during your wedding weekend.