Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding: Part Two

Destination Wedding Planning Part TwoWant so say your “I do’s” some place exotic, like a white sand beach? Or perhaps you and your fiancé consider yourself snow bunnies, and are looking to commit your lives to one another on the snow-capped mountains of your favorite range in Colorado? Maybe you and your groom are anxious for a roadtrip before exchanging nuptials, or want your wedding to feel like a family vacation rather than a fussy affair. Destination weddings have never been more popular or feasible, but there are some important steps to take if you want to make yours a success.

Schedule a Scouting Mission

Though the internet makes planning from afar easier, online research really is no substitute for seeing potential venues in person. Photos can be misleading, plus seeing a site already decorated can be distracting.

  • If you’re looking for an excuse to getaway, visiting the site of your ceremony and reception venues can be a great excuse.
  • But if you absolutely cannot schedule a trip, pre-wedding, try to scour for honest reviews and unadulterated pictures, to help make informed decisions about your wedding.

Give Guests a Heads Up So They Can Plan, Too

With any wedding, your guests will appreciate plenty of time to plan their travel. But sending Save-the-dates as soon as humanly possible is especially important if you’re planning a destination wedding. Even in the age of Google and smart phones, it’s still nice to provide detailed directions, particularly when many or all your guests will be traveling there from out of town.