Simple Steps to Finding the Right Caterer

Corporate Catering QuestionsAre you stumped about whom to hire to cater your wedding or next corporate event? Few things will impact your guests’ enjoyment of your evening more than the spread. That doesn’t mean you have to serve fancy or even expensive food, necessarily. But it does mean you’ll want to hire someone that can cook up great items your guests will really enjoy, and that you order plenty to keep their bellies full and their hearts happy. Whether it’s a small wedding, or the biggest event your company will host all year, make it memorable – and delicious – by finding the perfect caterer to fit the bill.

Let Your Palette Be Your Guide

If you’re planning a wedding or personal party, why not let your own taste buds be your guide? Choose a food you love, preferably one you know most of your guests will also enjoy. (Maybe save the anchovie-laden pizza for another day.) This could be something as simple as your favorite hometown-style barbecue, or something a little more luxe, like expertly prepared lobster, for instance. Letting your own palette be the first step in narrowing your search for a caterer, is almost always a good call.

If you’re planning a corporate event, choose something the heads of your company or honored guests will enjoy. You could also choose a type of food specialized to your region. This would be a particularly great idea if you have many out-of-town guests attending.

Think About The Plan for Your Party

Secondly, think about how much food you will need based on the time of your event, the number of guests, and what other activities will be filling your time. If your corporate party is beginning after a traditional dinnertime, and will include several hours of games or karaoke, you may prefer a large sampling of appetizers and desserts as opposed to a sit-down meal. If you’re hosting a long wedding, on the other hand, make sure you have a full meal planned or else you’re likely to end up with a number of “hangry” guests on your hands.

Choose a Caterer That Fits the Bill

Based on your budget and location, it should now be much simpler to choose a caterer that can provide the type of food you have envisioned for your event. This could mean someone with a food truck that could easily serve a number of guests quickly, without the need for a commercial kitchen at your venue. Or, it could mean hiring someone with a number of warming plates perfect for keeping your lavish buffet hot as you dance the night away. Thinking about your needs before contacting potential caterers can help you enter the conversation with a clear vision, so you won’t be swayed by what sounds great at the time. Just like you wouldn’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, lest you leave with baskets full of junk food you don’t really need, the best way to ensure you hire someone that can meet your catering needs, is by going in with your own goals for the evening’s eats.