To Theme Or Not To Theme? That Is the Wedding Planning Question

Theme Wedding IdeasWhile a wedding theme is hardly necessary, many couples find choosing one together is a great way to bring extra personality and an additional element of fun into their celebration. Plus, a theme can be an outstanding way to distinguish yours from all the other weddings that will take place in a given year. (Who would forget their first comic book themed wedding, for instance?) If you’re on the fence, here are a few tips for how to settle on a theme, if you decide you want one. Just remember, the sky is the limit when it comes to wedding planning, especially creating a signature celebration meant to honor your commitment to one another and maybe the shared interest that brought you two together in the first place.

What Is a Wedding Theme, Anyways?

A theme could be something as simple as a keyword or terms used to guide your decorative decisions. For instance, “romantic rustic,” or “quaint beach cottage.” But wedding themes can also be as elaborate, even outlandish, as suits you and your fiancé’s tastes.

  • Many couples use a wedding theme to highlight unique aspects of their lives or love story, for instance a music-themed wedding to honor the fact they met in marching band, or a Harry Potter theme, since that was the first film they saw together, and the series after which they have subsequently named all their pets.
  • Sometimes a theme is a combination of interests, like superheroes and graphic art. And sometimes it could be based around a favorite trip or experience you’ve shared. For instance, you could transform your wedding venue into the cute coffee bar you two worked at, together, in college. Or, have a travel theme and name all the tables after the favorite places you’ve visited as a couple.
  • Using your imagination and a hint of good taste, can help make any wedding theme not only age-appropriate, but fun and memorable for you, your groom and your guests!